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I'm Lee Wilson, a web developer who is curious about the inner workings of complex systems. Prior to becoming a developer I studied writing, political science, and urban planning, and worked as a technical writer and editor for major infrastructure projects in New York City and around the country.

Also, cats love me.

A Few Projects


ProʎektƐ helps users make last minute decisions by searching for activities based on their location. The app uses the HTML5 geolocation feature to retrieve a users location, searches the Ticket Master API to show nearby events, and then the YouTube API to show relevant videos. Built using React, Express, Node, and PSQL.

FPL Stats Dashboard

Analyzes statistics for the Barclay's Premiere League fantasy soccer game and providing insights to the more than 4 million players. The project uses React, Express, Node, and PSQL to retrieve and parse data, as well as D3 to implement graphs.

Chase that Duff!

A simple arcade-style game using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Players compete as either Homer or Barney in a race to reach the can of Duff beer.

This Day in History

This day in history allows users to search the New York Times' API and retrieve the top articles for a given date. The app uses JavaScript with MongoDB to allow users to sign-up, login, and save links to articles.